Make bank and card payments like locals on your travels

Mobile IPosUp Payments Service

IPosUp App

Transform your mobile into your everyday bank-to-bank and card payments acceptance device. Whether you are an end user consumer or a micro-/small-/medium-size merchant business, IPosUp App will transform your financial life giving you confidence and enhancing your trust in the world around you.

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IPosUp Host

IPosUp platform turns smartphones into Payments Devices. Our IPosUp is hosted in India, UK and East Africa to deliver travel sector interoperable bank-to-bank and card payments services to end user consumers and merchants.

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Our Simple but Important Security Principles Data Security: We are responsible for secure on-boarding end user consumers and merchants providing them with global interoperable digital identities via almost real-time KYC and AML processes which meet regulatory requirements in our initial chosen target regions of Indian Sub-continent, UK/Europe and East Africa.

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Bank Accounts and Cards Payments

HCE Secure IT Services Private Limited, India is the parent company which owns and operates IPosUp.com mobile payments service in the following regions via the following regulatory approvals:

  • RBI regulated TPAP (Third-Party Application Provider) licence via NPCI (National Payments council of India);
  • UK FCA regulated EMI licence; our Proof-Of-Concept live POC operation spanned September 2021 to December 2022 under a past FCA API licence number which was 931781;
  • KBA (Kenya Banking Association) PesaLink licence

Business Focus – Secure Mobile Payments

We will become a Third Party Application Provider (TPAP) and participate as an indirect member in P2P and P2B bank account and card payments through partnerships with Sponsor Banks. We will become a leading payments services provider to consumers and merchants in the Travel and Hospitality sectors initially in India, followed by East Africa, UK and Europe processing real-time Person to Business bank transfers and card payments.

UPI bank account-to-account payments growth in India has seen 10x growth in last 5 years reaching over 10billion transactions per month. However, the tourist sector still has not been able to benefit from ubiquitous bank account to account UPI payments even though tourism in India is expected to grow from $75Billion to $125Billion in next 3 years. IPosUp.com will enable end users to make payments via bank accounts and cards in their home countries as well as during international travels by issuing non-resident ordinary (NRO) bank accounts and associated tokenised digital debit cards.

End users (merchants and consumers) do not trust mobile and Internet payments due to significant financial fraudulent activities performed by hackers and fraudsters. IPosUp app will equip end users with strong customer authentication (SCA) “SWIM” digital identities in order for them to initiate “trusted” mobile centric bank account-to-account and card payments services anywhere, anytime.

QR-Code Account-to-Account and Tap-to-Pay Payments Solution
HCE Secure will enable mobile payments for consumers to pay via QR-Code based UPI bank account-to-account payments and contactless tap-to-pay at points-of-sales of physical merchants and to pay via network tokens in merchant mobile commerce apps.

This opportunity is global and ubiquitous, harvesting on smartphones and the rollout of contactless card and QR-code account-to-account payments at points-of-sales globally.