Merchants will get free card reader and instant settlement with IPosUp mobile payments app!

Make bank and card payments like locals on your travels

Merchants will get free card reader and instant settlement with IPosUp mobile payments app!

London/Mumbai/Nairobi – 13.05.2024 – Today IPosUp (, the financial payments facilitator technology company that allows travel and hospitality sector businesses of all sizes, micro-/small-/medium-size merchants to receive bank-to-bank and card payments quickly and simply, is launching a free offer for its next generation chip and PIN and contactless card payment device called ‘IPOS pad’ and its new ‘IPOS soft’ product for contactless only acceptance, both work with the accompanying IPosUp mobile app.

With the launch of the free ‘IPOS pad’ card payments portable device, the global fintech company becomes the first business of its kind to offer both bank-to-bank and card payments in an integrated mobile payments solution that enables merchant and consumer on-boarding in just a few minutes.

With the ‘IPOS soft’ solution, merchant’s smartphone NFC device integrated with an NFC contactless reader eliminates the need for an external card reader.

These new innovative IPOS pad and soft products developed, by the fintech team, which was previously responsible for developing over 40% of the UK high-street retail integrated chip and PIN and contactless payments market, are highly adopted to mobile environments such as travel sector, trades people, delivery services, and hospitality pay-at-table – with IPOS soft no external card reader is required, just a NFC smartphone providing added flexibility. does not charge any fixed monthly fees. Instead we just charge typically sub- 1% per card transaction for all debit and credit cards and even less for bank-to-bank account payments,

All mobile payments are compliant to India-RBI-UPI, UK-FCA FasterPay, EU-PSD2 Sepa (Payment Services Directive 2) and Kenya-KBA-PesaLink and these bank-to-bank account payments are carried out in a secure manner, adopting SWIM ID whitebox technologies able to guarantee the safe authentication of the bank account and cardholder card and PIN data and to reduce, to the maximum extent possible, the risk of fraud.

The PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) based “SWIM ID” (software wireless identity module) platform ensures the highest degree of security trust and safety in by enabling user authentication, attestation and monitoring compliant to PCI standards.

Dr Patni, CEO of, comments: “We’re here to empower the world to accept bank-to-bank and card payments, no matter how unique or mobile your travel sector business is. It’s crucial to us that we allow any merchant to accept bank-to-bank and card payments and get settled immediately. Our new generation of IPos pad and soft mobile POS card terminals are yet another step on our mission to becoming the global player in travel sector payments acceptance. We are expected to launch our payments services in India, UK, Europe and East Africa in 2024”

About and is HCE Secure IT Services Private Ltd, India secure and exciting mobile POS payments service aimed at travel sector merchant customers throughout India, East Africa, UK and EU Europe with the mission to freely propogate smartphone based IPosUp apps in the global travel sector.

Our state-of-the-art hosted infrastructure in India, UK and East Africa will provide high-availability 24-7 PCI-DSS mobile payments processing services. Our SWIM (Software Wireless Identity Module) solution provides strong cryptographic security for our IPosUp app financial services on mobile devices. Our HCE-IPos-SWIM MAP (Mobile Application Platform) hosts provide the most advanced bank-to-bank accounts and HCE EMV card/token issuance payments services in sponsorship with bank account and card issuers.

For more information, visit: and

HCE Secure IT Services Private Limited, AIC-Prestige Inspire Foundation, 3rd Floor, Prestige Vihar, Scheme No 74C, Vijay Nagar, Indore, Madhya Pradesh 452010, India.

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