Make bank and card payments like locals on your travels

IPosUp App

For Consumers
Transform your mobile into your everyday personal and business Ecash Bank Accounts and make QR Code bank-to-bank account and Tap to Pay card payments at any merchant location on your travels.

For Merchants
Micro-, small- to medium-size merchants are replacing traditional card terminals you see in retail environments today. IPosUp.com simply enables merchant smartphones and tablets to process QR Code Bank-to-Bank Account, EMV Chip and PIN and Contactless payments anywhere, anytime.

Our proprietary Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and best in class cryptographic standards deliver secure HCE EMV mobile payments and bank account-to-account QR-code based payments to merchants and their consumers. Through our innovative and state-of-the-art hosted software as a service TPAP infrastructure, we service retail enterprises, travel, hospitality, local government organisations, and partner with sponsor banks for bank account and digital card issuance.

We enable our Sponsor Banks to:

1. Issue HCE EMV tokens and process payments.

2. Provide customers with NRO bank accounts.

3. Process UPI bank account payments.

We enable our Merchants to:

1. Process UPI and card payments.

2. Be security compliant to PCI-DSS level-1 certification.

3. 99.9% uptime for mobile payments services.

We are compliant to Payment Card Industry PCI council, EMVCo and government financial regulators (India-RBI, UK-Financial Conduct Authority, Kenya-KBA) and have resolved real-world financial problems to meet mandates:

• Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) – RBI, PSD2
• EMV HCE tokenised payments – Host Card Emulation
• QR Code based Bank-to-Bank Accounts payments

Why? The Internet is full of clever attackers! Smartphones can address online fraud losses by utilising SCA (strong customer authentication) that authenticate merchants and consumers, alike.